Pollinator Mix

Big Bluestem

Blue Grama

Purple Prairie Clover

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Pollinator Mix

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About This Product

Skinner Native Seeds mix. This mix consists of approximately 40 varieties of local native wildflowers, either grown locally or hand-collected locally, that attract and support pollinators. It will provide bloom from early spring to late fall, from prairie crocus to many-flowered aster. It includes 5 species of local native bunch grass for a variety of habitat for bumble bees and other beneficial insects. This mix is appropriate for habitat restoration throughout the mixed grass prairies of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as northern North Dakota and Montana. Check the pollinator mix page for more info.

Price: $180.00*
Ounce Packet: $25.00
Half Gram Packet: $3.00

*All Prices per PLS pound. PLS stands for Pure Living Seed. All seed is tested and sold on the basis of PLS pounds rather than bulk pounds. This assures you of value for your seed dollar.